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Samir Lalani

Why don't you offer COD?

Wholesaledock is not a marketplace. We own all the inventory on our website. So we don't add any commission to our product price. Also, the shipping charges we charge are per KG basis and not for 500 gms like other marketplaces. Hence we are able to offer our products at the cheapest price than any other reseller's marketplaces in the market.

Also, we have kept our margins very low and have passed all these benefits to our resellers. Due to these, we are able to guarantee you a REAL WHOLESALE PRICE on wholesaledock. So at this low price point, it becomes difficult for us to absorb COD charges & also RTO charges that arise if we offer COD options to our customers.

Can I use Paytm to make a payment?

Yes, you can use Paytm to make a payment.

How do I make an online payment?

Here's how you can make an online payment: 
- Add a product to your cart
- Go to the Cart Section
- Click on Checkout
- Enter Billing details (your details) - These details you will have to fill for the first order only.
- Enter Shipping details (end customers details)
- Enter Sender's details (your or your reseller's name & contact number)
- Click on PLACE ORDER
- Select an online payment option and pay!

What are the different payment modes?

We offer multiple payment modes as follows -

- Wallet including Paytm
- Credit / Debit Card
- Net Banking
- WD Wallet

Can I block the order and make payment later?

No, you cannot block orders and make payment later. However, if you find a product that you like, we strongly recommend that you purchase it right away after receiving a confirmation from your customer. The product might go out of stock at a later time.